Everything you'll need at your next company event

Everything you'll need at your next company event

When it comes to planning events, there is usually so much at stake that you simply cannot afford to wing it, and hope for everything to just work out fine. You must spend time organising everything you need, finding the right venue, and planning the activities that people are going to do in order to be entertained. But this is just the beginning.

A good event planner will start planning early. Get some stationery and list down everything that needs to be done as far before the event as possible. Then take the time to communicate all of your plans with your committee or company that you are planning for.

In addition to all this, you must be flexible. Remember that people are unpredictable and they may want something different from what you have chosen, so allow room in your plans for change.

Here are some of the things you may need for the next company event:


Of course, you must have a venue. Where will the event take place? How many people are going to be present? What type of venue will suit the type of event you are planning? Does there need to be outdoor space? Do you want in-house caterers or are you bringing your own? Will your venue be exclusive? These are just a few of the questions you need to ask yourself before doing anything else.

Other things to consider when it comes to the venue are;


Cost: How much will the venue cost? Are their prices different depending on the day of the week and the time of year? Are there discounts for large groups?

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Ambiance – Is this the right place for a company event? Will it go hand in hand with the theme of the day? Will your colleagues and employees be able to enjoy the activities you are planning there?

Parking – Will there be sufficient parking for everyone?


This is the next and most important element of the event to consider. You must think about the type of activities that the company staff will want to do during the corporate event. Ensure you have your stationery out and brainstorm all of your ideas. Think about activities that are inclusive, that will not embarrass anyone, but will bring people together and which everyone can enjoy.


Guest speaker / Master of Ceremonies

Will you need a compere for the event? Or a guest speaker to provide entertainment or present awards? If you want to have a well-rounded and perfectly executed corporate event, have a guest speaker who will engage the participants and leave them feeling buoyed up and motivated.

Once you identify who the speaker for the day is going to be, you will need to have the following points in place;

        How much do they charge? When does payment need to happen?

        Does their philosophy or history clash with the company’s in any way?

        How will they reach the event destination?

        Will they need transport or accommodation?

        Do they need any special equipment to do their job, such as a microphone or a teleprompter?

It’s extremely important to ask yourself all possible questions in advance to avoid having a disaster on your hands on the day of the event.

Go a step further and even do research on the speaker. Ask other companies that may have used them exactly what to expect and how they work.


Remember you will be in a public space and this is therefore an opportunity to publicise your company, something that should never be taken for granted. Ensure you have the right advertising products such as banners, logos, business cards, and even products to showcase what you do. This is a great opportunity to tell people something about who you are, what you do and how you do it.


If appropriate, seek out a corporate sponsor to fund the event. This is not a cheap undertaking for any organisation, and getting sponsors can be a great way to finance the event.


Sponsors also tell the public that you are a reputable organisation and they should take time to learn more about you and what you are about.

This should be arranged a good way in advance and include numerous opportunities for exposure of both your organisation and that of your sponsors’.


How can you have a corporate event without food? You cant! This is one of the most important points that you must consider and make arrangements for, early.

Make sure that the venue you have chosen has an option for catering because it will make your work that much easier. If they do not, ensure to make arrangements well in advance for bringing in outside caterers, Mini Paris who will be responsible for supplying the food for the function.

Talk to the employees to find out what they like and most especially pay attention to any dietary needs.

Other questions you can ask yourself are;

        Is there an alcohol licence at the venue or do you need to arrange one?

        Will drinks be included or will attendees have to buy this separately?

        Is there a kitchen at the venue for outside catering to use?

        Will there be appetisers for guests when they arrive?

        What is included in the venue’s original quote and what do you need to pay extra for?


Finally, it is important to remember security. Will your staff members be safe at the corporate event? Do you need to provide door staff to ensure no-one can enter the party who shouldn’t be there? Or will the venue take care of this for you? Is there a cloakroom that guests can use to safely store their possessions whilst they are at the event? You do not want any unpleasant situations to spoil the event for anyone.


Final thoughts

Planning an event should never be taken lightly. Just because you are doing it for your fellow colleagues or have done it many times before, you cannot afford to give this event anything less than your full attention.

Being prepared helps you plan for any eventualities, and keeps you on guard. Plus it gives you the peace of mind to know that if something happens, you have a solution for it.

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