Air Conditioner Problems and How exactly to Fix Them

Air Conditioner Problems and How exactly to Fix Them

Like any appliance, air conditioners desire a little TLC to deliver optimal performance. And it's the ACs that have not been kept in a top-notch problem that tends to struggle many in hot weather.

To ensure you don't lose your cool once the current weather warms up, we asked air conditioning equipment pros and Consumer Reports Test engineers to identify the most typical issues that crop up with a window and central air conditioners. They highlighted problems to troubleshoot now. Plus, you'll find our set of top air conditioners for small, medium, and large rooms.


Here are a few questions to ask to air conditioner repair company that can help you keep your AC at peak performance all summer long.


Maybe the filter is dirty?


No matter what form of air conditioning equipment you have, a blocked filter restricts airflow, decreasing efficiency and reducing the capacity to cool the air effectively. If you haven't washed the filter in your screen or lightweight air conditioning equipment lately, assure you do and then check it periodically. For main AC methods, check the filter manufacturer's advice for when to trade in a fresh one. In CR's checks, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) filters last everywhere from three to 12 months.


Just remember when your central air system is constantly operating or if you have animals, you must modify your filters more often. “Whenever we get calls about central air units that aren't working well, nine times out of 10, it's as a result of a dirty filter,” says Stewart Unsdorfer, owner of Central Heating & Air Conditioning in Cleveland.


Could it be too sunny inside?


If your window AC is on a screen that gets sunlight in the heat of your day, it will need to work harder to great your space. When you have a choice, move it to a shadier spot. Or even keep your shades and curtains drawn through the day to block the sun and prevent it from warming up your house.


Is hot air leaking in?


Always check the closes around your screen AC to ensure heat isn't finding back and cold air isn't leaking out. Reseal around your product with climate stripping if necessary.

“Most new screen items have insulation panels to position on the plastic adjustable side panels,” says Chris Regan, CR's senior air conditioning equipment tester. “But to increase efficiency, you'll still need to use weather stripping across the border of the unit. And generally, utilize the manufacturer's instalment and security hardware.”


Can your window AC vibrate?


Air conditioners make lots of noise, including from the whir of the fan and the sound of the compressor cycling on and off. These noises are normal. But when you hear a moving noise, it may imply that your unit was installed incorrectly. Make sure it's sitting securely in the window, and review the installation instructions in your owner's manual to verify that no steps were missed.


Maybe the thermostat is the best setting?


With an intelligent or programmable thermostat, you can quickly control the temperature in your house so that it's comfortable when you're there and somewhat warmer when you're not. If the weather seems off, make sure the thermostat isn't confronted with sunlight, leading it to register the incorrect temperature.

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